Thursday, June 23, 2005

PL/SQL Books

There are 3 PL/SQL books considered above the pack.

I settled on Scott Urman's book, but that's only because I got a deal on it when Nexus Computer Books in Calgary went out of business. I like it, and it is ranked #1 among PL/SQL books on

Oracle9i PL/SQL Programming
Scott Urman
664 Pages
4 on 7 reviews
Rank in sales: #5460

I really like Steven Feuerstein's work, most of which can be found on the web. He's got Q&A, Puzzlers, and regular articles on Oracle's site. You can find sample chapters on-line. Despite the fact that I already have a good PL/SQL book, I might get this one, too. He also has a "Best Practises" book.

Oracle PL/SQL Programming, Third Edition
Steven Feuerstein
1018 Pages
4 on 66 reviews
Rank in sales: #17659

Connor McDonald of the Oak Table Network has a highly rated PL/SQL book as well. He also has an Internet presense. His site is awesome, he's got some great stuff, so his book ought to be great, too. I wouldn't mind picking this up.

Mastering Oracle PL/SQL: Practical Solutions
Connor McDonald
648 Pages
4.5 on 5 reviews
Rank in sales: #106559

There are other PL/SQL books out there, but any of these 3 is probably your best bet. Leave some comments if you have a preference for the 3, or know of any other really great PL/SQL books to consider.

Like Mastering Oracle PLSQL a lot ...its very nice book
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