Thursday, July 21, 2005

Oracle Blogs

If you enjoy this blog, there may be other Oracle-related blogs you will also enjoy reading. You may be surprised to learn just how many good Oracle blogs are out there. I follow quite a few on a daily or casual basis. Here are my favourites.

Brian Duff hosts OraBlogs, which picks up several of the below Oracle blogs, so it can be a one-stop blog.

Tom Kyte, respected author of "Ask Tom." Covers a pretty wide spectrum of Oracle-related topics, including new things and "best practises." This is on practically everyone's favourite blog list, and every post gets dozens of comments.

Niall Litchfield has one of the first Oracle blogs I read. He has interesting posts on a variety of topics including htmldb, and Oracle 10g.

Howard Rogers is the master of the Dizwell Forum. The discussions therein are generally the inspiration for his posts. His passionate Oracle rants give his blog a lot of flavour.

David Aldridge, is an all-purpose Oracle warehouse specialist. I love his posts on warehouse design and maintenance. He also posts regularly about Oracle 10g and its features.

Mark Rittman is a database warehouse developer and covers a lot of stuff, like modelling. He has a link to all the Oracle blogs that are out there (good or bad), so you can go through there and pick your favourites.

Jeff Hunter is an Oracle DBA with a relatively new blog. He posts a wide variety of topics, and he is on a lot of people's favourites list.

Tim Hall is an Oracle DBA, designer and developer. Posts on a variety of topics and is not shy about sharing his opinions. Despite the fact that he doesn't use IDEs, he's one of the few people who mention them.

Doug Burns, another Oracle DBA, reads and writes papers and books. I count on him to post about the latest news and papers/books of interest.

Pete Finnigan, an Oracle security expert, provides the latest news of bugs and security flaws. Even though I'm not into security that much, I still enjoy his posts.

Eddie Awad, an Oracle application developer who posts interesting things about Oracle as he finds them. Also talks about ColdFusion and Biztalk occasionally. Has me in his blogroll! :)

Peter Scott is a manager (!) in charge of an Oracle data warehouse. As a result his posts are generally about the situation of the day, which is usually of significance to everyone.

Lisa Dobson, an Oracle DBA whose brand new blog focuses on the Newbie perspective.

Amis Technology Corner has a number of Oracle professionals from various backgrounds that post on a variety of topics, including Oracle-related events and publications, and various designs and features.

Mike Ault, a Burleson consultant and published author, posts on a variety of Oracle-related topics related to his interesting adventures while consulting. No comments allowed, ostensibly for legal reasons but people posted a lot of corrections when they were allowed.

Robert Freeman, another Burleson consultant and a 15-year Oracle DBA, posts on a variety of Oracle-related topics of interest to DBAs, including the types of problems he sees and solves and things he finds in the latest releases.

If you know of any other Oracle-related blogs that you enjoy, please add a Comment so I can check it out. Please spread the word of these great blogs!

Thanks to Nuno:

Anjo Kolk

Thanks to "Captain Obvious":

Sue Harper's Blog:

Peter K's Blog:

And thanks to Peter K's links:

Chris Foot:

Mike Ault allows comments on his blog (I just left him one, in fact). However, Robert Freeman currently does not nor does Don himself.

Happy blogging!
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