Monday, August 29, 2005

New Blogs

Not long ago, I wrote a blog on all the Oracle Blogs out there:

Not long after that, I included a list of links to all the blogs I follow (see the side, below links).

Well there have been a couple of changes and new additions. The most exciting of which is I found a blog by Laurent Schneider. He is one of my favourite posters from the Oracle Forum:

His posts usually involve how to use Oracle to solve someone's problems. Over the months I've been reading this forum, I've seen him cover a wide spectrum.

Here is a link to one of of his most recent articles:

There are a few other changes:

Doug Burns changed his blog's location:

Radoslav Rusinov has a new blog, which he has kicked off with a discussion of the latest Burleson Boondoggle on PGA:

Hopefully these blogs will make up for my lack of content recently!

And here is the blogging community on OTN
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