Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Database Specialists

Recently Dr. Tim Hall posted a brief blog on SQL Tuning. He may have based it on a number of questions on the topic that have popped up recently on some of the Oracle forums.


You might also have seen Steve Callan's 2-part article on Oracle Performance Tuning on DBASupport.com:


So I was searching for a good article I had once read on this topic, and I found it. Here it is, courtesy of Ian Jones and Roger Schrag of Database Specialists:


The articles on their site are sometimes dated, but I still find them useful and interesting. Here is a particularly fun article on "Database Mysteries" courtesy of Chris Lawson:


Oh, and here is a link to the FAQ Jonathan Lewis maintains on Performance. You can also get their by clicking "FAQ" on my "best links."

We use Performance Explorer-i from http://www.enteros.com to integrate identification of the bad SQL areas with automated SQL Tuning.

This performance tuning product is not very visible at the market yet, but looks like a way smarter what OEM can provide
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