Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Best Of OracleBlog

I got named in ComputerWorld's "Best IT Blogs on the Net." Granted, only in the "buffer overflow" section, but still - that's pretty cool!

Maybe it is another consequence of the Thomas Kyte Effect?

Anyway, I feel very fortunate for having this new audience, but I feel bad for having nothing really intelligent to say. So I thought I would link to some of my favourite earlier posts, and some of my most popular "hits", to give you an idea of what I like to chat about.

To my more frequent visitors like Doug, Eddie, Laurent, Gary, Peter, David, William, and so on, as well as any lurkers, I would appreciate hearing your picks, too.

Here is the brief list of my highlights:


I posted a few articles on this, because there are quite a few errors casual database programmers may make in their misunderstanding of NULL and how its treated in Oracle. To put it bluntly, NULL is NOT nothing! If ever I write a proper article for publication, it will likely be on this topic.

NULL vs Nothing:
NULLs in Oracle:
Using NULL to exploit the COUNT/NULL feature:

2. Best Practises

I like to blog a lot on what I feel are best practises for database programming. Please allow me to pick three of the most general of the bunch, where I have promoted Views, Constraints and Packages:

Use Views:
Use Constraints:
Oracle Packages:

3. Advanced Concepts

Occasionally I blog on a technique that would only come to the attention of someone who has used Oracle to solve a more complex problem. Here is one example of that.

Pivot and Crosstab Queries:

4. High-Hit Posts

There were two posts that, for various reasons, seem to have higher hit-counts than the others. Here they are:

Analyzing Query Performance:

5. Putting it all together

In "Oracle by Example" I brought together many concepts into one.

Throughout my blog you'll also see book reviews, top 20 lists, and lots of little tips and tricks I discover. As you'll note, I appreciate any feedback, and I get an email if you leave a comment even on an old post, so please feel free to do so.

I would also like to direct my new visitors to the blogs I enjoy the most. You can see the list on the right-hand side, but other than Tom Kyte's, which you have surely already visited (, I would like to draw particular attention to these two:

Doug Burns:
Eddie Awad:

I enjoy ALL those blogs, but if you only have time for a couple, please check those out.

Warning to Doug and Eddie: You might experience the first ever Robert Vollman Effect!

It's really cool indeed to be mentioned in ComputerWorld. Thanks for drawing a particular attention to my blog. I will be anxiously waiting for the "Robert Vollman Effect".

I remember that both our blogs were added to around the same time and since then our readership has increased steadily (I know mine has). I can tell you that this blogging thing has given me pleasure and more friends, not to mention more knowledge.

Keep it up Rob....

Oh! and Merry Xmas...

No sign of a traffic bonanza yet, but I'll give it time because the Tom Kyte effect is certainly starting to kick in a little :-

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Thanks for the positive comment in any case.

As for my favourite blogs, I think you covered them all above. In general, I liked the ones about commonly-used features that people might not have come across before or had forgotten about.

Have a great holiday and best of luck for the new year.


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