Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Thomas Kyte Effect

Good grief!

I saw a spike in my statcounter and I checked it out to see if I got spammed. Instead I am the newest beneficiary of the "Thomas Kyte Effect."

Well, strictly speaking, the Thomas Kyte Effect is when your blog is referenced in a blog article of his, but in my case I was simply added to his list of links. And then bam - several hundred hits today.

With all due respect to Doug, Lisa and Eddie, in one day I've got more referrals from his blog than everyone else put together.

I told Tom we could "cash in" on the "Thomas Kyte Effect" with a few well-chosen ads, but sadly he wouldn't go for it.

Well, as long as you're all here, I would like to say two things:
1. Welcome to my blog!
2. Please look through my archives, some of my more interesting reads are in July/August.

Comments are very welcome, even on older posts (I get auto-emailed when someone posts something).

Also, I like to provide something useful in every post, so here it is: a link to an article by Steven Feuerstein about how to hide your code:

i feel that too, being listed on tom kyte blog generates much more traffic than orablogs and google together ;-)
i like this blog....
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