Thursday, February 02, 2006


Have you been overlooking the wealth of handy tools and code on SourceForge? is a web site that hosts literally hundreds of thousands of projects. Its an excellent source of open source development projects. You can download software and source code and collaborate with others on projects.

Having trouble designing your software? Search SourceForge for similar projects and see what they did.

Want to avoid re-inventing a wheel? Find something suitable to your purposes at SourceForge.

Let's look at a quick example. The simplest example I could find is a little PL/SQL script that generates a package based on a table. I'm not promoting this particular script, I'm just using it as an example.

You can fetch the simple example here:

Download it, and inside the zip file you'll find some PL/SQL. Go ahead and run it: it will ask for a table name, and a package name. It will then generate some PL/SQL that you can use to generate a package for your table. Easy as that.

That is pretty typical of SourceForge. Hunt around and find some useful applications. There are PL/SQL Editors and PL/SQL Plug-Ins to various IDEs (like Eclipse). I've seen Java programs that can monitor your database. All sorts of things.

Might be a good place to share your open source tools, no? Especially the ones on which you're looking for feedback.

I recommend rooting through SourceForge from time to time if you don't already.

Here is a handy link:
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