Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Brian Duff maintains a blog that brings together all the feeds from the various Oracle blogs that are out there.


There are some fine blogs that are not included because they do not support RSS 2.0 feed. Mine was one such case, I used atom. Peter Scott and Doug Burns then pointed me to Feedburner. It converts your feed from one format into another.


Just go to their web site, type in the URL to your feed, and then accept all the defaults. Just be sure that you have these three settings (courtesy of Doug):

1) Do NOT select Smartfeed
2) Select Convert Format Burner
3) Select RSS 2.0 from the list of options.

If all goes well, this should be my first post on OraBlogs. It would be great to kick things off with a great post but, alas, I have nothing to post about today. Instead, just like a bad 80s sitcom, I will do a "flashback highlight episode. Here are my 5 favourite posts from my 3 months of existence:

May 17th: NULL is not nothing

June 10th: NULLs in Oracle (kind of a "Part 2")

July 1st (Canada Day): Extra Columns in a Group By

July 26th: Use Constraints!

July 29th: Using Views and other techniques to solve a particular problem

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