Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Wanted: Your Unwanted Oracle/DB Books

Please excuse the spammy post today. But I would like to ask anyone who is reading this who may have unwanted Oracle (8 and up) or General DB (College) books to contact me (email address is in my profile).

Rather than gather dust on your shelf, I can give them a good home. I will pay for shipping costs to Canada, and you will have my heartfelt appreciation.

Many thanks!


A sensible request. I just wish you'd asked a couple of months ago when I was giving quite a few away to worthy homes.

I could do James Morle's book for you, but I'm pretty sure that's available online for free anyway. Absolutely no negative comment intended (I kept it during the clear-out, after all) but I don't refer back to that one much.


Here is the link to James Morle's book:

I'll still take a hardcopy, if you want to give it a good home, though!
It's all yours - email me the details.


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