Friday, November 04, 2005

Oracle Essays

Recently I recommended "Oracle Insights," a book containing a series of Oracle-related essays by some of the top authors in our community. For those who are interested in reading some more essays, consider some of the following samples from a variety of my favourite authors on a variety of topics. The best part is that these are free!

Re-building Indexes: When, How, Why by Jonathan Lewis

Programming Humility: Dealing with the Reality of Errors by Steven Feuerstein of Quest Software

Locking and Concurrency by Tom Kyte

Practical Guide to Oracle Data Warehousing by David Aldridge

Query Tuning Using DBMS_STATS by Dave Ensor

String Aggregation Techniques by Dr. Tim Hall

Bind Variables Explained by Mark Rittman

The following two articles are also worth mentioning again.

Why a 99%+ Database Buffer Cache Hit Ratio is Not Ok, by Cary Millsap of Hotsos

Why I Invented YAPP by Anjo Kolk (Free registration for download)

While recommending some reading, I'm also including my favourite Oracle community debates of 2005:

The great Burleson/Kyte debate on "Predictive Reorganization"

The great Dizwell Forum debate: "Natural vs Surrogate keys"

The great Burleson/Lewis debate on "Supersizing your PGA"

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