Friday, February 24, 2006

The Oracle Effect

You thought the Tom Kyte Effect was the most powerful force in the Oracle Blogging Universe. But we were all mistaken! For today, I got a much higher spike than ever. The source? Oracle itself!

I am especially grateful that Gary Myers caught my sloppy error before a bunch of people read it. My only regret is that I didn't really have anything particular intelligent to say, and even if I did, it was said so much better by (among other people) Howard Rogers.

Since the link will change soon, here is a JPG to mark my 15 minutes of nerd fame.

> got a much higher spike than ever
Nice to read, i'd be interested about how many accesses you are talking in more concrete numbers.


Very roughly speaking, it looks like I've gotten about 300 unique visitors in the last 2 days from Oracle's web site.

FYI, your link remains to be on the site, as of 2:09 P.M. EST on 20060226.
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