Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Call For Topics

This morning I read that fellow Oracle blogger Tim Hall is looking for Oracle topics on which to base his next article. It occurs to me that since changing positions a few months ago that I have dealt with Oracle a lot less than previously, and am open to hearing some ideas.

Virtually all my articles are based on questions I get from customers or colleagues, or problems I have to solve in my day-to-day work. There are times when that stream is a trickle, and times when its a raging river.

Right now its a trickle. But I'd like to keep up the momentum rather than have this blog go the way of my Sybase blog.

And don't confine your questions to my area of interest (development), because I happen to know that several other excellent bloggers like Eddie Awad, Gary Myers, Tom Kyte, Doug Burns and others may also pick up on any ideas you leave in my comments.

Well maybe not Tom, I think he gets enough questions. :)

I'd like to keep up the momentum

Maybe this will help:

Otherwise, browsing the Oracle Docs, especially hunting and learning new and less known features, is a good source of ideas.
You can talk about the new rules engine in 10gr2 .
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