Friday, November 11, 2005

More Oracle Essays

I recently posted an assorted list of Oracle essays from some of my favourite Oracle authors:

There are so many other great Oracle writers out there pleased to provide free insights into Oracle. So I thought I'd share a few more with Troy and everyone else. Remember that each of these authors have written several papers, let me know if you have trouble locating more work from your favourites.

Improving SQL Efficiency Using CASE by Doug Burns

Exploiting and Protecting Oracle by Pete Finnigan for PenTest Limited

Write Better SQL Using Regular Expressions by Alice Rischert for Oracle

What, Where, When, Why - Selecting Oracle Development Tools by Ken Atkins from ODTUG 2001

Getting Fast Results From STATSPACK by Bjorn Engsig for Miracle A/S

SQL Tuning With Statistics by Wolfgang Breitling for Centrex

The VARRAY Data Type by Howard Rogers of Dizwell

SQL In, XML Out by Jonathan Gennick for Oracle Magazine May/June 2003

Planning Extents by Steve Adams for Ixora

Oracle Collections: A Definition in Plain English by Lewis R. Cunningham

Sorry, no Oracle papers from your favourite blogger! :)

Thanks for the link, Rob.

Even more impressively, you picked the CASE paper over the DECODE paper, despite your personal preference for DECODE ;-)


Same here, thanks for the good resource! Patrick
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